One on One with WNBA and NCAA Champ Candace Parker

The basketball star is teaming up with Degree to put the spotlight on women’s college basketball

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

March 16, 2022

March Madness® is upon us, and in conjunction with the first year the famed women’s championship is allowed to use the name “March Madness,” two-time NCAA® champion Candace Parker is teaming up with Degree for the Bracket Gap Challenge. The challenge gives women’s college basketball increased visibility by urging fans to fill out a women’s bracket and follow this year’s tournament.

Candace joined us to share more on her work with the antiperspirant brand and their Bracket Gap Challenge, one of the largest women’s basketball bracket promotions in history, to help raise awareness for the NCAA® Women’s tournament. The goal of the Bracket Gap Challenge is to draw more attention to the women’s game by encouraging people to fill out brackets. In turn, it helps to drive even more promotion, attendance, and funding.

The Bracket Gap Challenge was inspired by a recent study from Degree that found people were over twice as likely to fill out a men’s bracket than a women’s bracket, with only 12% of people filling out an NCAA® women’s tournament bracket last year. The winner will receive $25K and a $75K donation from Degree donated to a women’s athletic program of their choice.

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