Marsai Martin, Angela Aguilar and Other Kidfluencers Come Together to Create Uplifting News Channel

The kids help see the glass half full in news channel made, produced and creatively advised by kids, for kids

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

September 16, 2020

Black-ish star Marsai Martin, Grammy-nominated artist Ángela Aguilar and a few special “kidfluencers” have joined forces with The California Milk Processor Board, the creators of ‘Got Milk?’ to launch a bilingual “news” show dedicated only to uplifting news called Glass Half Full News. It’s a show about kids on the frontlines of what’s happening today - at home and it promises to make you smile.

The California Milk Processor Board says they know milk has a role to play in nourishing families nutritionally, but also emotionally so they wanted to harness that role into creating something positive.

New episodes will be released weekly through the month of October on and on To learn more follow @gotmilk and @tomaleche on Instagram and across their social handles and visit Got Milk?’s YouTube channel to watch more including special behind the scenes footage.

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