Matthew Morrison, Instagram Star Donté Colley and 400 Others Dance Atop WTC for International Day of Happiness in NYC

LG partnered with the stars and dance movement, Daybreaker to celebrate meeting goals and seeking happiness


From the LifeMinute.TV Team


March 21, 2019


To kick off International Day of Happiness LG Electronics gave the phrase “happy dance” a whole new meaning this week, hosting a first of its kind happiness event atop the World Trade Center. The event was complete with celebs, internet stars, pop-up stations and New York City school kids all to celebrate the LG Experience Happiness Initiative and to help people focus on achieving their own happiness goals.


“My roll today was kind of helping out with the students” said Matthew Morrison, Actor and Dancer, “This Experience Happiness program is needed so much right now and I think it’s coming at just the right time.”


Dancer and Instagram start Donté Colley performed one of his signature dances alongside the popular dance movement Daybreaker.


“I got involved by spreading some positivity on the internet and somehow it reciprocated and landed me here and I’m sharing this amazing moment with so many others,” Colley told us.


All the event proceeds support Inner Explorer, an Experience Happiness partner who delivers practical happiness techniques such as this to classrooms.



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