Models Devon Windsor, Rachel Hilbert and Actress Cara Santana Sound Off on Their Fashion and Fitness Goals

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Devon Windsor, Rachel Hilbert, Cara Santana
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Get-gorgeous #goals of today’s Instagram it-girls

By The LifeMinute Team

April 7, 2017

Style Secrets

Devon Windsor – “I am obsessed with high waisted or hip hugger wide legged pants. I have every single color.”

Rachel Hilbert – “I am always obsessed with vintage jeans.”

Cara Santana- “I am so into outerwear.  I love coats and jackets. It just makes everything look a lot more put together.”

On the road

Devon Windsor – “I need to have good food like chocolate. I am not into the whole Quest Bar situation.”

Rachel Hilbert – “I need food, water and, rosewater spray. Also granola bars and a Cliff Bar in your bag. It’s not my go-to thing but if you’re hungry you can’t function.”

Cara Santana – “Devon really is the worst to travel with because she will pull out Reese's pieces!”

Staying Fit

Devon Windsor – “I do Pilates and I have a personal trainer and I sleep at least 8 hours a night.”

Rachel Hilbert – “ I sleep a lot!”

Cara Santana – “I am a body by Simone addict. I worked out with her this morning to feel long and lean.”

Skin care

Devon Windsor – “The Clarisonic Spin Brush. I swear by it. Two  times a week and it really cleans and exfoliates you skin. Keep drinking water to stay hydrated.”

Rachel – “Sun protection is huge, plus rosewater spray and Evian water spray. I bring it with me everywhere and spray it on my face to keep it moisturized and hydrated.”

Cara Santana – “Never sleep in your makeup. Never!”