Netflix "House of Cards" NYC Premiere

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It was a star-studded red carpet at Alice Tully Hall in NYC, for the premiere of the new Netflix series, "House of Cards."

The drama is a political thriller starring Kevin Spacey who plays Frank Underwood, a politician who stops at nothing for the top job in Washington, D.C.

Spacey says, "That will be the moral conundrum, of the audience. Did he do a good thing, did he do a bad thing in order to achieve a good thing." Adding a little political opinion of his own "Frankly I wish we had a congress that was as effective as I hope my Francis Underwood is."

Co-star Robin Wright, who plays Underwood's ambitious wife, says the cast has a lot of fun together and tries not to take themselves too seriously. "We laugh in between takes to the point where hair and makeup actually has to come over and dab the tears away because we laugh so hard." Not a bad gig.

Kate Mara plays Zoe Barnes, a young newspaper reporter on the quest for the inside scoop.

The series is on Netflix so you can watch each episode at your leisure. But rather than introducing one episode a week, all 13 episodes will be streamed at the same time.

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