Peyton List Sets Her Sights on a Clearer 2023 with Upgraded Vision and New Projects in the Works

The Cobra Kai star just wrapped a new show, School Spirits, has her own beauty line, and recently restored her vision to 20/20 with a procedure called EVO

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

January 12, 2023

What’s a day in the life like for actress Peyton List? The Cobra Kai star just wrapped a new show, has her own beauty line, and is setting her sights on a more clear 2023 with new vision, literally. “I just wrapped up season one of a show called School Spirits for Paramount Plus,” she said. “The big theme of the show is if you have trauma or something heavy in your life, you have to face it and deal with it. You have to tackle it head-on.”

List says it was therapeutic to play this kind of role. “I just learned so much from this person, this fictional character, because she's so strong, and I just feel like acting kind of allows for those like really vulnerable conversations and to be able to cry in front of someone or have that release.”

Whether starring in a new role or focusing on her day-to-day life, List told us she also struggled with vision problems since she was a kid and just had an eye procedure called “EVO” to break free from the hassles of contacts and eyeglasses. “I now have 20/20 vision,” she told us. “I've had terrible vision for most of my life. It all started when I couldn't see the chalkboard anymore and was just on a basketball team and was passing to the wrong team. That was when it became clear to my parents. I wore glasses and contacts since then.”

Wearing contacts has been an ongoing struggle for the actress. “They're always getting dusty or dirty or ripping. I've had them tear,” she said. “…Even with doing makeup, if they're touching me up or doing eyeshadow, or eyeliner smudges on my contacts and then I can't see…I'm so glad to be done with it.”

The FDA-approved EVO ICL Visian lenses are designed to correct or reduce myopia (nearsightedness), which affects distance vision, and treatment of astigmatism, which causes blurred vision at all distances. It works by implanting a small, flexible lens in harmony with the natural eye to give you excellent sharp vision day and night without inducing dry eye syndrome. They’re different from other vision correction options in that they can permanently correct or reduce myopia and astigmatism without removing corneal tissue. The procedure is also removable by a doctor for added peace of mind.  It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for each eye. Most patients, like List, experience improved vision right afterward.

“I would definitely recommend EVO to anyone in a similar position. I have a twin brother, and I’m convincing him to get EVO,” said List. “To wake up and see and not need to reach for my glasses or contacts...It's so simple of a procedure...It was just the best option for me.”

So, what’s this beauty looking forward to this new year? “I'm setting my sights on surfing,” she said. “Just knowing that I can go in the ocean and not have to worry about my contacts…..maybe this will make me better than the last time I went. Maybe that’s what was holding me back.”

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