Renowned Hair Stylist Sally Hershberger Strikes Gold

We sat down with the creative genius to talk all things hair, her most iconic looks, and her greatest life advice

From editor-in-chief, Joann Butler

December 22, 2022

Beauty Mogul Sally Hershberger didn’t always want to do hair, but her famous friends had other plans, begging her to utilize those incomparable creative gifts. Fast-forward a few years and a gazillion amazing looks she created later, she owns her own salons in New York and LA and started a luxury skincare and haircare brand, which is pure gold (I mean, literally her haircare line is MADE with 24 Karat GOLD.) She dabbles in fashion and home design, she flips houses... (p.s. Jen Aniston bought one of them) and for years I’ve been asking stylists to cut my hair like one of her famous cuts, from the Winona pixie, to not one, but every Meg Ryan film she ever had her hands on.

Finally, at long last, I got to work with the master herself; and she gave me the shag of my dreams. This is a LifeMinute with the one-and-only creative genius of all trades, Ms. Sally Hershberger. 

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