Richard Gere and the Cast of The Dinner at the Tribeca Film Festival Premiere

Laura Linney, Rebecca Hall and Chlo Sevigny recall the chilling setting of the dramatic psychological thriller

By The LifeMinute Team

April 24, 2017

The Dinner finds two estranged brothers and their wives sitting down to a tense meal to discuss what to do about the couples' teenage sons who have committed a heinous crime together.

"It's a very smart, very adult exploration of responsibility in the world," says Richard Gere, who played Stan Lohman, a popular congressman running for governor, "In my own point of view is that we need to expand the borders of our tribe to the size of the universe and I think this movie has a lot to do with it."

Laura Linney took on the role of Claire Lohman, the wife of younger brother Paul Lohman (Steve Coogan) and as she described a "very passionate mother and devoted wife."

The chilling plot wasn't the only thing leaving the cast cold as Rebecca Hall who played Gere's wife Katelyn explained, "We shot this film three weeks of overnights so we were shooting only at nighttime so in a very cold, empty house."

Linney echoed her costars sentiments, "Well it was just freezing cold. We were filming in a mansion in Yonkers that had no heat and all night long we were filming. We were just chattering the whole time. "

Chlo Sevigny who played Barbara Lohman shared that Gere even sought out refuge elsewhere, "I know that Richard wanted to find somewhere to nap.... he found like some neighbor's house. He's like I'm Richard Gere, I'm like a movie star. I was like of course he found somewhere to take a nap that was all luxurious and nice. It was pretty funny. "

All in all Hall recalls rest off set or not the experience found her drained, "I remember being really excited on day one and day fourteen... delirious and mildly hysterical but I think it kind of adds to the performance on some level."

See the ensemble cast in The Dinner in select New York theaters now.

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