Younger Star Debi Mazar and her Celebrity Chef Husband, Gabriele Corcos Partner with Amy's Bread to help Food Bank For NYC

Amy's Bread will feature the chef's "Tuscan Farmer" sandwich till the end of November with all proceeds going to the Food Bank for New York City

By The LifeMinute Team

October 12, 2016

Celebrity chef Gabriele Corcos and his celebrity actress wife (Younger, Entourage, Goodfellas) Debi Mazar are giving New Yorkers a taste of Tuscany with a new sandwich debuting at the iconic New York City bakery Amy's Bread until the end of November, to raise money for New Yorkers in need.

Owner and Founder of Amy's Bread, Amy Scherber told us that every month a different chef helps us create a new sandwich with proceeds going to the charity of their choice.

"It also brings some delicious new foods into our store," she says.

This month's and next's month sandwich? Corcos's "Tuscan Farmer" and they've chosen the Food Bank for New York City to donate its proceeds to.

Corcos says "Five dollars donated to the Food Bank translates into twenty-five meals."

The Tuscan Farmer will be sold at all six Amy's Bread locations in Chelsea Market, Hell's Kitchen, and the Village, until the end of November and features fresh mozzarella, aged prosciutto, pesto, and baby kale, in between of course, homemade slices of Amy's sourdough rustic bread.

For Corcos it's a reminder of the taste of the Italian countryside where he honed his skills and it's also where the couple met 16 years ago.

"I was in vacation in Florence staying at a girlfriend's house ... when I met him...I imported my husband," Mazar told us.

When they aren't giving back to charity, cooking together, or raising their two teen daughters what else are these two up to?

Mazar, of course is on the hit TV show, Younger and also doing a small role in an upcoming Woody Allen film. Corcos is opening up a new restaurant, as well as managing his current one, The Tuscan Gun, and the couple is also coming out with a new cookbook. The first was a New York Times Best Seller.

Corcos says this one is "an approach to cooking Tuscan anywhere in the world."

So how does this Brooklyn power couple balance it all?

Mazar says they live their lives to the fullest, "drag our kids everywhere... on planes, we try to have family time, we eat dinner together every night. "

And the big question, how do they do it all and still look younger?

"We use good creams" Mazar says, "My husband when I met him didn't use any. He had one bar of soap that he would use for everything." And now...

Corcos says he travels with a little bag--totally metrosexual!

And they're both totally adorable!

Remember to stop by any Amy's Bread location to help them reach their goal of selling 2000 (35 a day) sandwiches by the end of November. You'll be glad you did. Join the conversation #chefsandwichesforgood.

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