10 Fun Facts about Beer  

The history, most popular and strongest brews, and even health benefits

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

September 28, 2021

National Drink Beer Day is September 28th.  So drink up and celebrate with these fun facts about America’s favorite adult beverage.

1. Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world. The first known barley beer can be traced back to around 5,000 BC.

2. Located at the monastery since at least 1040, Weihenstephan Abbey in Bavaria, Germany is said to be the world's oldest continuously operating brewery. 

3. The Slavic word for "beer" comes from the verb "to drink." 

4. Water is the main ingredient in beer. It makes up 90 to 95 percent of its total ingredients.

5. Beer might be healthy! Some research suggests that consuming moderate amounts of alcohol (about one to two beers a day) may help lower the risk of heart disease.

6. Around 1.98 million gallons of beer are consumed during the 16-day beer festival of Oktoberfest.

7. Lager is the most popular beer style in the world. Budweiser, Coors Light, Corona, and Michelob Ultra are all lagers.

8. According to a recent survey from YouGov, Guinness is the most popular beer among U.S. adults.

9. Snake Venom is considered the world's strongest beer. It has an alcohol strength of 67.5 percent.

10. Released in 1975, Anchor Brewing Company's Liberty Ale is considered the first modern American IPA. Bonus fact: IPA stands for India Pale Ale.

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