Burger King Puts a Chicken in Charge of the Menu

Burger King sends a chicken on tour to decide if you'll get your Chicken Fries

From the LifeMinute Team

March 16, 2015

Chicken Fries are returning to a Burger King near you! Or maybe not. Burger King executives, split on whether or not to bring back the restaurant chain's famous Chicken Fries, are opting to leave the decision up to a chicken...Gloria the Chicken, to be exact.

"When Burger King called, they asked for a chicken to walk up a ramp and then choose randomly between two bowls [marked Yes and No]," explains Gloria's chicken handler Gail.

So this week Gloria has flown the coop and hit the road on a national tour to decide whether or not select Burger King locations will be seeing the return of Chicken Fries. That's right -- it's on a case-by-case basis. If Gloria chooses the YES bowl at your local Burger King, then Chicken Fries will make the menu. If Gloria chooses the NO bowl when she stops by your town, then no chicken fries for you.

"Not even I know which one she'll select," says Gail, "She is her own chicken."

You can cheer on the chicken and even take a selfie with her while she's on tour -- just follow the Burger King brand on Twitter and Facebook to find out if Gloria will be stopping by a restaurant near you. And check out ChickenFries.com for more info.


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