Checkers & Rally’s Gives Lucky Winner a Stay in "The Frunker" to Keep Bad Luck at Bay this Fry-Day the 13th

The iconic drive-thru restaurant teamed up with Heinz to offer the ultimate underground bunker experience in their fully stocked and “seasoned” shelter

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

January 11, 2023

I think we all know someone superstitious about Friday the 13th, but you may not know there is a name for that fear—paraskevidekatriaphobia. Just trying to pronounce that word is pretty scary. To face the dreaded day, the iconic drive-thru restaurant chain Checkers & Rally’s partnered with Heinz to help create a safe room and a happy place for the Friday the 13th-phobic.

They repurposed an underground bunker named The Frunker: Fry Bunker, which happens to be an Airbnb location, and loaded it with their Famous Seasoned Fries and Heinz ketchup. The winners got fun swag and a six-course planned feast.

A lucky winner and their guest get a weekend stay at the Frunker. Not only do they avoid bad luck, but their comfort and happiness are guaranteed with access to Checkers & Rally’s iconic Famous Seasoned Fries. In the ultimate "seasoned" shelter experience, Checkers says they wanted to help folks wait out the scariest day on the calendar, which luckily only takes place once or twice each year.

Appropriately re-named Fry-Day, as in F-R-Y-day the 13th, Checkers is intended to help the winners stay safe, secure, and satiated on the most fearful day of the year.

Checkers knows they may not be able to end paraskevidekatriaphobia. But they can help their fry fans enjoy the day by offering up the #1 Most Craveable Fries in America with Heinz ketchup.

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