Easy Eats

The scoop on how to keep your healthy eating game in check and save on groceries

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

April 30, 2021

Spring is in full swing and with the weather warming up, kids almost out of school, snacks and meals can start to look a little bit different. How to keep your healthy eating game in check any time day or night? Our Editor-in-Chief Joann Butler shares the scoop on healthy snacks and how to save on groceries, plus other things you can do to make mealtime easier.

Tip 1: Have shelf-stable snacks at the ready, since it's National Raisin Day let's talk raisins...they're good on the go, and a great addition to other things too from cakes and cookies, to salads and side dishes, or chicken and fish, because they add just the right flavor, texture and sweetened only by the California sun. They're also packed with essential nutrients, 7% of the daily value of fiber and 6%  potassium. The average person eats far less fruit than is recommended by the U.S. dietary guidelines. Just (1/4) cup is a full serving of fruit. Check out calraisins.org for great recipes and more.

Now when it comes to saving money on groceries, Save A Lot!, one of the largest discount grocery chains in the U.S. is truly your one-stop-shop for quality products at a great value. They have everything you need to whip up a delicious dinner and quality ingredients from brands like Mantia’s and Senora Verde at a fraction of the cost of a regular grocery stores. Families can affordably make delicious meals no matter the budget and feel good about what they’re eating. They have some great recipes on their website too, check out savealot.com.

Other things you should be doing? Plan ahead. Sometimes just knowing what to make is half the battle. Having healthy eats at the ready for when hunger strikes is crucial so you don't make bad decisions when you're famished and in a rush. Have a "cooking day" make lots of meals, than freeze them, so when you're short on time, you can pull something out in a jif. 

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