It’s the Week of the Taco! Celebrate with a Free One. Here’s How…

Let’s taco ‘bout Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo and Taco Moon 

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

April 30, 2021

You may know Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo are coming up, but did you know it's also coincidentally the week of taco moon? That's right, the lunar phase that resembles, you guessed it….a taco!

On May 4, the world’s largest and brightest object in the night sky will resemble a favorite indulgence, a taco. Yes, it’s the lunar phase called “taco moon” and it happens world-wide a couple times each month. To celebrate, Taco Bell is letting fans score a free crunchy taco from 8 to midnight in-store, or all day through the taco bell app or online.

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