Jerry O'Connell and Chef Josh Capon Host the Ultimate Big Game Bash

Calling all football fans + foodies...

From the LifeMinute Team

January 28, 2016

Actor Jerry O'Connell and Chef Josh Capon, huddled in New York City this week with JCPenney show us how to host the ultimate tailgate! Serving up food, fun, and lots of yummy ideas.....

"In my house my wife and kids, we like to throw a big party for game day and I had a couple of recipes that I went to JCPenney with." O'Connell was also excited about seeing his good friend Chef Capon there..."he's going to have an actual gourmet very delicious take on my recipes,"

Chef Capon broke it down for us..."We're gonna do my world famous chicken lollipops because everyone needs them at a game day party, we're going to be doing a cheesesteak, with roasted filet mignon, carmelized onions, gruyere cheese, dijonaise and we're also going to be making some green dragon shrimp skewers."

It may be cold out during game day but that doesn't mean you can't grill inside with a great grill pan. JCPenney has everything, it's your one-stop shop for all the items you need for any cook-out. From cook and serveware, to even an online sports fan shop - with gear for just about every team!

In a house full of girls, O'Connell may be the odd man out when it comes to watching the game..."My wife and daughters are not that involved in the game but they are very much invovled in the preparation and the throwing of the party, the food, the good times."

O'Connell says he's a big meat guy but not everyone is...his tip? Remember to have a few menu options for your guests especially if you have vegan or gluten free friends.

And Chef Capon suggests easing your guests into the smorgasbord..."its game day and people do want to eat their faces off, take it slow, start it off light and work your way up, that way we don't crush them as soon as they get in the door."

For more tips, tools and Chef Capon's recipes, go to and check out their facebook page. Let the games begin!


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