The Perfect Meal For Fall: Easy, Delicious Soups

New Garden Fresh Gourmet soups come in four flavors; try topping them with a variety of ingredients for your best Fall meal!

By The LifeMinute Team

November 2, 2016

Come Fall, nothing is more satisfying or easier to prepare than a delicious, hearty soup. Katie Workman, cookbook author, blogger, food writer and a mom of two put together some recipe ideas in support of Garden Fresh Gourmet, a wonderful line of fresh soups available in the refrigerated section of your supermarket, available today.

Delicious Variety

"Garden Fresh Gourmet soups come in four excellent flavors. There's chicken noodle with kale, tomato with parmesan, broccoli cheddar with parmesan and chicken tortilla with roasted chilis. They're all very crowd pleasing, familiar flavors with a little bit of a contemporary twist," she explains.

Simple Ingredients

One of the things Workman likes best is looking at the ingredient list and recognizing everything on it--not always the case! "There's chicken, there's vegetables, there's herbs, there's tomatoes. These are ingredients I have in my own fridge, in my own pantry, and you probably do too. This is what we would make soup with. That's why these have this great homemade taste."

Cheddar Cornbread

"I love to pair up the soups with cornbread. I think that's the perfect wingman for every soup almost. I've come up with a cheddar cornbread that has cheddar cheese inside and on top of the cornbread and the recipe for that can be found on"

Perfect Pairings

It's fun to play around with a variety of toppings. "Let people mix and match and choose what they like. For the chicken noodle kale maybe you just go with some classic soup crackers. If you have kids it's really nice to put out some goldfish. For the tomato soup there is never anything wrong with the crouton whether it's store bought or homemade. A bowl of popcorn is another really nice way to top any of these soups. Diced bell peppers, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, crushed tortillas...these are all different things you can play with for great results." Look for these great soups in a supermarket near you.

For more ideas go to For the cornbread recipe and other recipes go to


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