Cocktail for a Cause: “Fight Like a Girl”

Sipsong Spirits founder and breast cancer survivor Tara Jasper brings awareness to the preventable cancer and the easy at-home BCRA test that can save your life, by creating her own take on the traditional Gin and Tonic; made with her botanical Indira Gin

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

October 6, 2023

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are making a cocktail for a cause. It’s called “Fight Like a Girl,” created by Tara Jasper and her Sipsong Spirits Indira Gin. She created this signature cocktail to spread the word about preventable cancer. As a breast cancer survivor herself and one of the 30,000 women every year in the US alone who’ve gotten breast or ovarian cancer that could have been prevented by taking a simple at-home genetic test.

The BRCA test is available for $250 right through the mail, all by yourself and you don’t even have to see a doctor. Just go to to order a test like Tara did. There is no blood required, just spit in a tube, send it back, and your results will be sent to you shortly thereafter. This lets you know if you are carrying harmful genes that put you at risk for developing certain types of cancer.

Experts say you should start getting tested at age 25, so we encourage you to empower yourself. Just as you’d get a colonoscopy, a yearly mammogram, take the BRCA test, and then you can choose your next course of action accordingly. 

Help spread the word by telling your local restaurant or bar to carry Sipsong Spirits Indira Gin and to make the “Fight Like a Girl” cocktail to keep the conversation top of mind. With every cocktail sold Sipsong Spirits donates to fund genetic testing.

“Fight Like a Girl” Recipe 
-Fill a shaker with ice
-2 oz of Sipsong Spirits Indira Gin
-2 oz of Fever-Tree Tonic 
-½ oz fresh lemon juice
-½ oz pomegranate grenadine
-Give it a good shake, and pour over ice
-Garnish with edible flowers, a sprig of thyme or rosemary and fresh pomegranates 

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