Why You Should Eat More Sweet Potatoes

The health facts about this smart carb

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

February 19, 2021

Sweet potatoes are a powerful superfood that when added to your diet on a regular basis can really benefit your overall health. Here’s how…

Vitamin Boost
Vitamin A protects your vision, supports a healthy immune system and can even lower your risk of certain cancers among other things such as aiding reproduction and reducing acne. A single sweet potato can give you up to 400% of the amount of Vitamin A you need to consume daily, making it a tremendous source of this crucial vitamin. The food is also rich in Vitamin C, D, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, thiamin and zinc.

Helps Digestion
Since sweet potatoes are high in fiber they help to improve gut health, digestion and promote a well-functioning digestion tract.

Helps Memory
The purple variety of sweet potatoes contain antioxidants and anthocyanin which are memory enhancing agents.

Lessen Inflammation
Sweet potatoes have a high concentration of choline, which reduces inflammatory responses in the body resulting in less inflammation. They can also protect against ulcers which occur when an inflamed tissue is shed from the mucous membrane or from the skin.

Fight Diabetes and Heart Disease
Leaf extracts from sweet potatoes were found to have high levels of polyphenols in the leaf extracts which suppress oxidation in humans, decreasing the chances of development of cardiovascular disease. Sweet potatoes also have a low glycemic index meaning they can help control blood sugar levels which helps regulate diabetes.

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