7 Things Every Woman Looks Good In

Less is more and other basics that are universally flattering

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

December 22, 2023

Do some women always seem to look put together? Following these tips could help you uncover some of their secrets.

1.Dark Wash Jeans
Durable and figure-flattering, dark wash jeans are casual and classy at the same time. The dark color slenderizes legs and thighs, whereas a light-colored version visually widens the area. The hue is also often easier to pair tops and accessorize with. Run errands in them, then dress the jeans up with a silk blouse, blazer, and stilettos.

2. Aviator Sunglasses
Initially developed in the 1930s to protect pilot’s eyes while flying, aviator sunglasses are known today for their timeless, distinctive design: thin, metal frames with a double bridge and a teardrop-shaped lens dipping down over the eye socket. The forgiving edges and gentle teardrop effect make its design universally iconic and appealing no matter your face shape.

3. White Button-Down Shirt
Think of the white button-down as that easy go-to, like your favorite pair of sneakers – classic, comfy, and requires little mental lift. It also creates a figure-skimming shape and tends to be more forgiving than other colors for concealing wrinkles. From denim to a maxi skirt or silk pants, it pairs well with an endless assortment of attire. Tie it at the waist or accessorize it with a scarf or a string of pearls. Or slip into bed with a buttery-soft oversized version and catch some ZZZs.

4. Minimal Makeup
Some research indicates women and men think women are more attractive when they wear minimal makeup. Since makeup can increase oil production, less can also be healthier for your skin by reducing oiliness, clogged pores, and breakouts. Directing attention toward skincare ingredients that hydrate the skin may yield a more natural, healthy glow. We see you, Alicia Keys and Pamela Anderson.

5. Trench Coat
With universally flattering long lines, the trench is tailored for slimming waistlines and legs. The standard complimentary style is medium-length (hits around the knee). The military influences of the garment, including double-breasted silhouettes, belts, wide lapels, storm flaps and pockets, and a back vent for easy movement, also make it comfortable and timeless. Traditionally known for its seasonless, weather-resistant cotton gabardine fabric, today, you can find trenches in a medley of materials, plus single-breasted and buttonless versions.

6. Monochrome
Dressing in a single color can elongate the body (also making you appear taller) by creating one seamless line from head to toe, allowing the eyes to take in an ensemble without a color break. Try a sweater and trouser set, color-coordinate your tights to your outfit, or experiment with a jacket in a hue similar to your pants or skirt. And one single color doesn’t have to match up completely. Vary a shade slightly to add depth and interest.

7. Ballet Flats
The lightweight round-toed footwear has made a resurgence again. It could be due to its versatility and collectively attractive design, offering a feminine touch. To give your flats a longer life and make them more comfortable, have a cobbler add a slip-resistant tread on the sole and a padded insole.

Bonus: Confidence
Research shows men and women rate confidence as an attractive trait in a potential mate. High self-esteem exudes competence and a positive outlook. Bonus: Being around confident people can make others feel more relaxed, potentially inspiring them to feel more capable and optimistic. 

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