7 Tips on How to Successfully Shop at Your Local Thrift Store

Tips to expand your style and save money

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

August 17, 2022

Do you want to save money and wear cool vintage and designer clothes? Then thrifting is for you. In honor of National Thrift Shop Day on August 17th, here are some of our favorite tips on how to find your style while on a budget at a thrift store.

Find a Store Right for You
Every thrift shop has something different. Since it can feel overwhelming, decide what you're looking for first. From there, research popular thrift stores in your area. These can range from popular organizations, such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army, or local and smaller stores.

Be Patient and Keep Your Eyes Peeled
In many thrift stores, clothing is organized by size, style, gender, and in many cases, color. Since you don't know what you may find, look closely at items. Be patient and take your time. Many thrift stores carry brand-name products for just a fraction of their original selling prices, so keep an eye out for any special deals you might be able to snag.

Go in with an Open Mind
You may have a particular style, but don't be afraid to try new things, take risks, and be bold. A thrift store can provide that chance. It offers the opportunity to explore many different styles, all within one shopping trip at a low cost.

Check Your Products Before Purchasing
Before you purchase something, ensure the items you have collected are in good condition. Keep an eye out for any clothes with stains, pulled fabric, loose buttons, or rips. Sometimes fixing these flaws on your own allows you to put your touch on the product. However, be aware of any blemishes before spending your money on them.

Consider Prices
Each item might seem cheap on its own. But prices can add up fast when you get to the register. Go in with an idea of how much you want to spend and keep track of how many items you have in hand.

Stay Positive
Sometimes a thrift store can feel like a gold mine. Other times, you might not find what you are looking for at a store. That isn't to say you never will. But thrift stores constantly restock with a variety of products. Try back another time. Don't be shy. You can try other stores to explore other options too.

Give Back
Thrift stores are a never-ending cycle of trends. If you regularly shop at local thrift stores, support them by donating clothes you no longer wear.

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