The 13th Annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show

We scoped out the hottest trends with Interior Designer Campion Platt

From the LifeMinute team

March 21st, 2014

What's hot for your home in 2014? We hit the 13th annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show to get the scoop.

Vice President and Publisher at Architectural Digest Giulio Capua says of the design show, "There are more than 300 exhibitors representing about 400 brands, showcasing everything from luxury kitchen and bath, to individual artists and products, to furniture and lighting."

To suss out this year's biggest trends, we caught up with Interior Designer Campion Platt, who showed us some of his favorites. First stop, the Jenn-Air booth, where Platt admired the flat panel design and black interior of their new Obsidian fridge.

"You have this ergonomic functionality, but also things feel good to the touch; they look good obviously, and they fit seamlessly into your kitchen," says Platt.

We also checked out the luxury home appliance company's new canopy hood with a parametric ventilation system for your oven and a coffee system, fully integrated into your cabinetry.

Other standouts include Environmental Designer Tucker Robbins' woven straw stools and ceramic eagle bench, and Dagmara Weinberg's art transformed into textiles.

However, Platt says spending all the money in the world on fabrics and furniture is nothing without good lighting. For that, a favorite of Platt's is husband-and-wife design duo Pelle, who makes customizable light fixtures, among other beautiful things.

"It's this idea of customization," says Platt, "The consumer is looking for something that is very personal--something their own."

Feeling inspired? Take a cue from Platt and try customizing your own space with these hot home trends.


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