3 Dye-Free Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Creatively color your eggs with things you already have at home


From the LifeMinute.TV Team


April 19, 2019


Ditch the dye this year and try one of these fun ways to decorate Easter eggs using things you already have at home. We found some markers, broken crayons, and our favorite...nail polish! 



easter egg markers

Write words, draw bunnies or make a creative design, best part…mess free. 


Nail Polish

easter egg nail polish

From glitters to metallics and every color in between, create colorful patters and prints. Plus each bottle comes with a perfectly sized brush.



easter egg crayons

While your hard boiled eggs are still hot, crumble crayon shavings on top. Watch the magic happen as they melt to make a vibrant rainbow effect. Now you have use for all those broken crayons laying around the house. 

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