3 Lighter Safety Tips

77% of Americans don’t realize that lighter safety standards beyond the child-resistant feature, are voluntary

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

October 10, 2019

It’s National Fire Prevention Week and while most consumers are familiar with fire safety, a recent report from BIC uncovers that many people overlook lighter safety. Fewer than half of parents say their children have been taught about pocket lighter safety. This is a critical gap, since many children may see or come in contact with lighters but be unaware of how they work or the potential dangers. Here is what you can do at home to keep kids safe.

1. Store Lighters out of sight and reach of children.

2. Teach young children that if they do find a lighter, do not touch it and tell an adult immediately.

3. If you do purchase lighters, know that they are not all created equal. Go with a brand you trust and know. BIC lighters undergo more than 50 separate quality checks during the manufacturing process and meet or exceed all recommended and mandatory safety requirements.

Check out biclighter.com/safety for more safety tips and the full BIC Lighter safety report.

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