3 Tips to Save on Your Summer Vacation

The scoop on how to save big and find great deals on your next trip


From the LifeMinute.TV Team


May 10, 2019


Summer is quickly approaching and so is the pressure to plan the perfect vacation. If you’re traveling with family, the options can be overwhelming and costly. We share the scoop on how to save big on your next trip, without traveling too far, or spending a ton of money.


Road Trip to a Local Destination

For starters, consider booking a local summer getaway within driving distance of your home. Not only is the route more scenic, you also have the flexibility to travel at your own pace and avoid the hassle of booking airfare and monitoring fluctuating prices.  Plus, you can bring as much as you want without worrying about luggage fees, not to mention waiting in the airport for flights.


Join a Rewards Program

Next, find savings with rewards programs. When booking your hotel one of the best ways to save is to join a rewards program that offers exclusive discounts and perks. Hotels.com for example knows how to reward its members, starting with the free one-night stay after you collect 10 nights. And, if you download their mobile app, you’ll get a 5% discount just for signing up and you’ll gain access to tons of special deals.


Book at the Right Time

Finally, one of the most important things you can do is book your hotel at the right time.  You should aim to book within 30 days of your trip to earn the most savings. Just make sure you don’t wait too long before hotels sell out. Some price hikes to look out for will come at the beginning of June, when prices average between $200 and $207 per night and the week following Fourth of July at around $195 per night. If you really want to save, consider booking in August to snag rooms as low as $163 per night. 



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