A Brooklyn Family Turns Tragedy into Healing and Activism After the Senseless Murder of 21-Year-Old Son

Tyler Kobe Nichols' family's grief is chronicled in the book Long Live King Kobe with all proceeds going to the foundation set up in his honor 

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

October 17, 2022

The heart-wrenching book Long Live King Kobe, with text from writer/author/screenwriter Paul Auster and photos by celebrated photographer Spencer Ostrander, provides an intimate look into the grief of a large, close-knit multi-generational family in the wake of the senseless murder of one of their youngest members, Tyler Kobe Nichols. The lives of Tyler's loving family were forever changed when the twenty-one-year-old was randomly murdered in a knife attack after getting a haircut with his brother just blocks away from the family's Brooklyn home on Christmas Eve.

Tyler’s mother, Sherma Chambers, cousin, Kareem Eusebe, and photographer, Spencer, stopped by the LifeMinute studios to talk about how they are turning heartbreak into healing and activism.

The tragedy set in motion a chance meeting between Sherma, and photographer Spencer, at Tyler’s funeral. Spencer met with the family and took photos of them as he got to know them. So moved by the images he took, Spencer started working on creating the book.  

Sherma has also created a foundation called Long Live King Kobe with the mission to combat street violence with compassionate, peaceful initiatives and offer support to victims' families. 

If you want to donate, check them out online at longlivekingkobe.org. You can also give back by ordering the book. All proceeds go to the Long Live King Kobe Foundation.

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