Budget-Friendly Ways to Create a Comfier Home

Maximize the illusion of space and other easy tricks to make your home feel more inviting

From the LifeMintue.TV Team

January 4, 2024

It doesn’t take a big budget to cozy up your home. Here are affordable suggestions to create a more relaxing living space.

HANG a mirror in the entryway or foyer, the first place that welcomes your guests. A prominent focal point mirror can draw guests inside, creating the illusion of a more expansive and inviting space because of its capacity to reflect light. Even smaller mirrors can enhance the illusion. 

FLUFF up the living room and make it look and feel more comfortable by adding a throw (like a chunky knit or faux fur) and one or two textured pillows to a sofa or chair. Or switch out pillow covers. Or simply add a pouf as additional floor seating to enhance that easy-going vibe. 

DISPLAY colorful fresh flowers or plants. They’ll liven up your home. Research even shows that being in the presence of indoor plants can improve mental and physical health. Use different heights and leaf shapes, or try a color scheme. 

LAY a textured or braided area rug onto a bare hardwood floor, or consider a series of smaller rugs placed in focal spots, like under a coffee table or reading chair. Natural materials like wool and jute can offer a soft landing spot for a cold floor. 

TEMPER the bright, white lightbulbs and turn up the soft white ones or warm-toned LED bulbs to create a candlelight-like glow mood. Keep the ambiance going by adding candles. Cluster them in varying heights and sizes to add texture and a comfier, romantic visual element. Experiment with a combination of different scented candles to create a unique fragrance, and strategically place them in your living space to evenly layer the notes. 

SWAP out lightweight color-schemed summer bed linens for a richer toned color or pattern and in a material that retains more warmth, such as flannel. And pull out a stored quilt or blanket. Place it at the foot of your bed for colder nights ahead.

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