Clever Ways to Reuse Your Paper Bags

Practical and fun ways to make use out of your leftover bags

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

July 9, 2021

July 12th is Paper Bag Day. In honor of the ubiquitous container, we are sharing our favorite ways to reuse them.

Ripen Fruit
Store unripe fruit in brown paper bags to trap the ethylene it produces, a compound that helps the ripening process.

Prevent Garden Weeds
For an added layer of protection against weed growth, place plain (no dye) paper bags on the soil around your plants before covering them with mulch.

Creative Placemats
Cut the long side of a paper bag so it forms a perfect rectangle. Decorate the inside of the bag or write the name of your dinner guest on the bag.

Moving Material
Roll up your breakable items in your extra paper bags to keep safe during a move.

Kids Crafts
Paper bags can serve as a tablecloth to protect from paints and markers. Use the bag itself to make it into a mask or puppet.

Carpet Cleaner
To remove wax stains, place a paper bag over it, and then iron over the bag on a low heat setting. The wax will be absorbed by the paper.

When you're all done shred a bag, and then add it to your compost bin. Remember to add green materials for the best mixture. 

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