Common Dietary Triggers for Dogs That Pet Parents Should Be Aware Of

Digestive issues and skin sensitivities are among the top reasons pets visit their veterinarians

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December 1, 2022

Over the past few years, pet parents everywhere have spent much more time at home with their furry family members. As a result, more are in tune with their pet's health and reaction to food. We joined veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin to offer tips to help us keep our furry loved ones happy and healthy.

Studies have shown that digestive issues and skin sensitivities are among the top reasons pet parents take their furry family members to the veterinarian. Many pet parents don't know that these issues are often linked. Be aware of your dog's typical digestion and nutritional needs, and quickly address issues with your veterinarian.

For example, your dog may have lost his appetite. Even his favorite food may not interest him. Worse, he might have vomited or been experiencing diarrhea. Or your dog ate something it shouldn’t have or may suffer from a sensitive stomach. As you work with your veterinarian to determine the cause, keep your dog hydrated. You can try giving them ice chips or a few tablespoons of water every few hours until their stomach settles. Also, keep them on a temporary bland diet or feed them gentle foods designed for sensitive stomachs.

Dr. Antin has partnered with Blue Buffalo to help pet parents recognize common dietary triggers for dogs. Blue Buffalo has great options for dogs with digestive issues or skin sensitivities. “What I love about Blue Buffalo is that they focus on high-quality ingredients and believe in feeding pets like family,” said the vet.

Just as humans would need to change their diet based on sensitivities,  pets do too. So, pet parents need to know the signs to look for, like digestive signs, or in skin sensitivity situations, frequent scratching or licking. If your dog shows signs of digestive or skin sensitivities, Dr. Antin's recommendation is to consider switching your dog to a limited ingredient diet — one with a single animal protein source, no chicken or beef, no dairy or eggs, instead formulated with things that support digestion like the Blue Buffalo Blue Basics. Blue Basics is made with food sensitivities in mind. It has a unique ingredient formula that supports gentle digestion, benefits immune health with vitamins E & C, and promotes healthy skin and coat with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Other options are specific diets designed for digestive care, like Blue Buffalo Blue True Solutions Blissful Belly, which supports digestive health naturally with prebiotic fiber. The second is diets tailored specifically for skin sensitivities, like Blue True Solutions Perfect Coat Skin and Coat Care Formula.

Check out to learn more, and follow them at @bluebuffalo on social.

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