Conquering the Challenges of Aging and Women’s Health Issues with Joan Lunden

The former GMA co-host and her daughter weigh in on the subject

From the Lifeminute.TV Team

April 29, 2022

Beloved former GMA co-host Joan Lunden, and her daughter, Jamie Hess, a wellness coach, talk about being moms, aging, menopause, weight gain, peeing in your pants, and what to do about them all. The mother/daughter duo breaks down taboos that come along with being a woman of a certain fabulous age. And how to conquer them with ease.

In celebration of her new book, Why Did I Come Into This Room? Ms. Lunden is on a mission to get women to open up about aging and everything they go through during the perimenopausal and menopausal stages. She wrote the book as a guide for women of all ages, including younger women in their 40s – like her daughter – so they understand the effects of the aging process and can be proactive in determining their best forms of care.

As a leading wellness coach, Jamie Hess is a proud partner in the pelvic health conversation. Hess and her mom discuss INNOVO, a smart pair of non-invasive shorts that you wear for 30 minutes a day. Find out more at

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