Creating a Backyard Oasis: Design Tips to Financing Solutions

Fund your home renovation project from a pool or deck to a kitchen or bath remodel

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 29, 2020

Home improvement season is in full swing and according to a new Home Improvement Pulse Survey by Lightstream, a national online lender for consumers with good credit, these projects are still a priority this year. In fact, in spite of the pandemic, nearly 3 in 4 homeowners are planning to renovate their home in 2020 and almost half of those homeowners are tackling outdoor renovations.

Of course, on everyone’s minds right now is how can I afford it? The survey found that 63% plan to tap into their savings, but that can make some folks nervous in today’s uncertain economy, especially if you’re tapping into your emergency fund. Another 31% plan to use credit cards, but unless you pay them off quickly, you can end up paying a lot more for your project over time due to high interest rate charges.

A proven solution for people with good credit is, they offer financing online at fixed, competitive interest rates with no fees, and long repayment terms. With loans up to $100,000 dollars, Lightstream home improvement financing can fund practically any home renovation project including a fantastic deck for summer entertaining, a new pool, and of course indoor projects too like a kitchen or bath remodel.

When it comes to design touches—it’s all about bringing the indoors out—and creating a cozy living space outside…a firepit, area rugs, comfy couches and throw pillows. Also, add touches such as plants, lanterns and immediately you have an outdoor oasis.

And remember funds from a home improvement loan can be used to pay for any item or service associated with your renovation—from the construction to the landscaping to final lighting and furnishings, both indoors and out.

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