Electronic HOT-List 2011

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What's making the electronic hot list this year? Tech guru, Scott Steinberg has the scoop on the latest and greatest gadgets, games, and sites you don't want to miss!

Scott: One of the coolest trends online right now are penny auctions...which is basically bargain shopping for really highly coveted things--for literally pennies. People are using it not only to get great deals on stuff...but also as a form of entertainment. Bidcactus.com for example is a new one...accredited by the Better Business Bureau, where you can get laptops, stuff for your home, gift cards, etc.How it works is users pre-purchase packs of "bids" in various amounts, which function as their pot when bidding. And when you place a bid -1 bid is taken from your account and the auction price increases by just one cent. You can also vote on what item you'd like to see get auctioned off next....so its cool and people are crazy for it. Businesses are moving online too. Efax.com lets you send and receive faxes via email anytime, anywhere - no fax machine or phone line needed. It's safe, secure and easy. You can get key documents like contracts right from your email, pc or smartphone, and even sign them online. Small and home businesses will love Evoice.com too. It's a virtual phone number and call system. You get professional answering, extensions and greetings, plus call forwarding, so you can work from anywhere - no software or hardware needed. A 6-month free trial lets anyone start in minutes. Campaigner.com is perfect for email marketing via the cloud too. Small businesses can send info right to their customers. Easy, affordable, fully trackable and backed by 24/7 customer service, anyone can make great looking email newsletters - no experience needed.

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