A Fabulous Fall Home Upgrade

Smartest and most advanced wet/dry vacuum and hard floor cleaner

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

October 29, 2021

What cuts your cleaning time in half by mopping and vacuuming floors in one simple step? The Tineco FLOOR ONE S5, the smartest, most advanced wet/dry vacuum and hard floor cleaner.

It has a new exclusive brush head specially designed for enhanced edge cleaning, and it’s built with larger water tanks so you can continuously deep clean in large spaces – no need to un-fill and start all over again. You can get it all done in one run.

It features a smart sensor technology that automatically adjusts water flow, brush roller speed, and suction based on your mess. That part is genius. Love that! 

The LCD screen changes from red to blue to let you know your floors are clean. Plus, there’s built-in app connectivity and a helpful voice assistant that monitors cleaning performance, gives you maintenance reminders, cleaning reports, and more. It’s like your own little cleaning assistant. Purchase it in-store at Best Buy or online at Tineco.com.

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