Go Green and Celebrate Earth Month

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It's Earth Month, how do we live greener? We caught up with eco-activist Summer Rayne Oakes for some simple tips to do our part.Summer: When we take good care of ourselves, we can take better care of those around us and the environment.And she's partnered with Aveeno(R) to launch their "Be an Active Natural Campaign" to help spread the message that embracing a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to be extreme. Summer: We are encouraging everyone to join us in taking a million steps this year, and to see how all the small changes add up to a big impact in our communities.As the first step, Aveeno donated hundreds of trees to be planted throughout New York..What can you do? Summer: Every month on the aveeno facebook page you can pledge to take a small step to improve the health and beauty of your community. You'll earn points for your pledges, and you can use your points for great rewards like $2 off any Aveeno(R) product, tree seedlings to plant in your own yard and reusable totes with Aveeno(R) product samples.Go to www.facebook.com/aveeno for more info.

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