Halloween Hacks for the Family

Halloween is approaching, and we have some lifestyle hacks to make it less scary

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

October 21, 2022

We all know about the Sunday Scaries, and with Halloween falling on a Monday, it may be the scariest Sunday of the year but have no fear Crest has you covered this spooky season, making sure you're stocked up on the essentials as you prep for the big night. It's giving up to $3 off their best-selling toothpaste through October 30th at select national retailers online so you can protect those pearly whites from all the treats and smile big.

Next up is a solution to clean those dirty, smelly old costumes. Downy just released its biggest innovation in more than 30 years – Downy Rinse & Refresh. You use it in addition to your detergent. It’s a deep cleansing fabric rinse that removes odor 3x better than detergent alone. Just pour it into your fabric softener dispenser or directly in the rinse cycle to remove stubborn odors. It’s great for every load, especially those Halloween costumes you may have thrifted or pulled out of the bottom of your storage chest from the last few years. It's safe for all fabrics and gentle on the skin.

And when it comes to top costumes this year, some movie-themed ones, which are pretty easy to do, include Hocus Pocus 2, Top Gun: Maverick, Elvis, and Barbie and Ken from Barbie.

For pop culture, get your goth on as Travis Barker or Kourtney Kardashian. All you need is a black suit. Or celebrate Queen Elizabeth II with a crown and brightly colored coat.

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