Home Improvement Do’s and Don’ts

A master electrician shares tips on when to do it yourself and when to call a pro

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

October 19, 2021

With home improvement and DIY projects on the rise, many homeowners are tempted to tackle some jobs themselves rather than hire a professional. With more than 35 years of professional experience, Veronica Rose, the first female to achieve and hold a master electrician license in New York City, shares examples of when to call your electrician.

For starters, let’s talk extension cord overload. Using too many extension cords in one area can pose a fire hazard there’s a reason why electricians hide electrical wiring within the walls. Extension cords offer a temporary solution. But for long-term use, you’ll want an electrician to rewire or add more outlets, which will safely provide you access to more power.

When it comes to re-wiring, it’s important to use quality electrical tape that offers superior stretchability and adhesion for a tight seal.

Switches and outlets should never feel hot. This can happen when they’re overloaded, failing, or improperly installed. If the lights dim when using a major appliance; one socket of an electrical outlet is not working; or a light switch doesn’t solidly connect in the on or off position, call an electrician immediately.

If an appliance sparks, it is important to look for tell-tale signs of a larger problem. Identify when the sparks are big and lengthy, smell, or are different colors. These signs can indicate overloading, short-circuits, water damage, improper installation, or old age. Call an electrician right away if an appliance is sparking and showing these signs.

It can be easy to write off flickering lights as a faulty bulb or a loose connection between a light plug and an outlet. But it can be a sign of a larger problem. Flickering lights can signal an overloaded circuit, fluctuating electrical voltage that can damage appliances, or loose, outdated wiring connections. Since these things can spark an electrical fire, it requires work that should not be completed by an amateur. 

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