Hot Home Trends from KBIS 2020

This year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show sees the kitchen take center stage with the latest tools to up your culinary game

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

January 22, 2019

This year at KBIS, it’s all about being the host with the most with hi-tech innovation and cutting-edge design and with 38% of Americans planning to renovate in 2020 (according to an HGTV study), the kitchen takes center stage with more than half saying their kitchen is a top remodeling priority.

“It’s really the gathering place for the house,” says Brian Pagel, EVP KBIS, “I think people want something that represents you know, what they are looking for in terms of styles and trends you know, but they want something that’s functional.”

LG Electronics for one, is taking home entertaining to the next level with its expanded line of industry-first Instaview™ refrigerators that automatically produce slow-melting “craft ice” on demand, for the ultimate upscale drinks from coffees to cocktails right at home.

“This is a two-inch craft ice round sphere that just changes the game for home entertaining,” says Kate Siegel, LG, “Now you can have those high level, premium cocktails at home just by reaching into your freezer.”

In addition to craft ice, the refrigerator also gives you crushed and cubed ice, and measured water dispensing.  Also new at KBIS are LG’s Instaview™ Ranges with Air Fry. Users can create delicious, guilt-free dishes right in their oven. Plus, LG Instaview™ technology lets you see inside easily without opening it ----just two quick knocks. And built-in luxury appliance brand Signature Kitchen Suite, has the amazing first-to-market 48-inch dual-fuel pro range with sous vide modality.

“It’s a very exciting way to cook because it allows that home cook to be able to have that same precision you’re going to have in that fine restaurant, at home when you’re entertaining,” says Zach Elkin, Signature Kitchen Suite.

The brand refers to these chefs as Technicureans™, who combine their passion for food with their appreciation for innovation. Food Author, Mark Bitman, says, “The more people cook the more interested they become in their kitchens, so of course that’s the case and when you’re interested in your kitchen you’re exploring…what can make this easier? What can make it more fun? What can make me a better cook? So, appliances are certainly a part of that.”

Wine aficionados check out LG’s Sommelier™ Wi-Fi connectivity that helps wine collectors manage their personal collections. Their refrigerator also protects against common wine preservation impediments. And that’s the wrap on what’s cooking in the kitchen this year.   

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