How to Deck Your Tree

‘Tis the season to put up your tree. Dress it up with personalized ornaments and natural elements.

From the LifeMintue.TV Team

December 10, 2022

The secret to decorating a well-dressed Christmas tree includes a combination of the way you string, hang, and scatter those pieces on your tree, along with the joy it can create doing it together with loved ones. Here are tips for a dazzling tree.

Display your tree near a wall outlet, so you can easily plug in lights. Aim to keep it away from fireplaces or other areas of high heat to avoid a fire hazard and premature drying.

Set the tree in a secure stand. Even if you are using an artificial tree, fluff the branches to make your tree look more full and natural. 

Before stringing lights on the tree, plug them in to ensure the bulbs are correctly working. A general rule of thumb is to average 100 lights for about every foot-and-a-half of the tree. For a larger tree, globe-shaped bulbs may be a better option to create a sense of scale. Mix and match lights, use a single color, or select a color theme. Start by stringing lights at the end of the tree and circle your way upwards. Horizontal is the most traditional way to install lights, wrapping them around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back.

Next, add your tree topper. Many people may think this should be the finishing touch, but when a tree is fully decorated, it can be challenging to fix the topper. Traditional silk bows or personalized, homemade paper toppers are elegant options.

Add garland or ribbon around the tree. If you choose garland, consider a variety, from super-fancy to plain and simple, like beaded, thicker paper, ribbon, or foil garlands. Start at the top of the tree and slowly increase the quantity of garland between each wave as you work your way down the branches.

Showcase your favorite heirloom or collectible ornaments by hanging them in prime positions on the tree. Next, place larger ornaments on the bottom and smaller ones at the top. Space ornaments evenly around the tree.

To fill in gaps on the tree and create dimension, add natural elements, like floral poinsettias and berries. Pinecones are an attractive option too. You can paint the tips with white acrylic paint and sprinkle them with white and silver glitter to create a snow-drenched look. Silk flowers are also a way to add a softer texture to the tree.

If using an artificial tree, real flowers can make for a breathtaking look. Stay within a color palette, like a cream/pink/red palette in varying sizes, using flowers such as dahlias, garden roses, and magnolias. Or use flowers in a variety of colors. Whatever strikes your festive fancy.

Complete your well-dressed tree with a tree skirt. Try a soft flannel, suede, burlap, or faux to conceal the stand.

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