How to Keep Bugs at Bay

Ways to get rid of insects in your home without using harsh chemicals

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

May 29, 2020

As the weather gets warmer  you’ve probably noticed the intrusion of some unwanted guests in your home, the insect kind. If you don’t want to pull out the traditional insecticide sprays, around kids and pets then here are some alternatives to try out.

Zevo sprays with a bio-selective technology that targets people, not pets.

No harsh chemicals or odors, it actually smells really nice.   

They have different sprays that handle different bugs and flying insect traps too that you plug right into your  outlets.

Get Zevo online or in-store at Target and Home Depot. Get more info or order at

Other things you should do: don’t leave food lying around, and make sure to clean up any crumbs that may drop—ants love those!

Make sure your sliding doors  and window screens are shut tight to make it less easy for them to get in your home.  Don’t leave damp towels or laundry out, that attracts pesky critters too.

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