How to Keep Your Tree Alive Longer

Want to keep your tree fresh for longer? Try these tips

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

December 1, 2021

Make the magic of Christmas last longer by preserving the freshness of your tree with these simple steps.

Bringing it home
Before you throw your tree on top of your car, wrap it to protect it from the wind. Without covering, like a blanket or tarp, the wind can dry the Christmas tree out.

Fresh Cut
If your tree wasn't already cut by a professional, then give it a fresh cut, a half-inch to an inch off the trunk. No matter who cut it, be sure to place it in water within 45 minutes of the new cut. Cold water is best for the first 24 hours. Keep the bottom two inches of the trunk immersed in water. And check it daily to make sure it doesn’t get too low. If you are not ready to put your tree in the stand right after getting home, you can keep it outside as long as you protect it from the elements.

Keep it cool
If a room or the space your tree is in is too warm, it can accelerate the drying out process. Use LED lights which emit little heat and keep trees away from heating vents, fireplaces, and direct sunlight. The ideal room temperature for your tree is between 62 and 65 degrees. If you live in a dryer climate, you can place a humidifier in the room to help preserve the tree.

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