How to Lead a More Sustainable Lifestyle

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How can everyone lead a more sustainable lifestyle? Green living expert, Sara Snow says it just takes a few simple steps to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.Sara: Well it just takes a few simple steps by being mindful of what you purchase because there really is a difference. Shopping online not only saves you the time it takes to make a trip to the store, but it also shrinks your impact on the earth because you're eliminating a pound of co2 emissions for every mile you don't drive. is a one stop shop where every product is reviewed to meet green and natural standards. They have everything from beauty to vitamins and supplements to baby supplies. Plus standard shipping is just $4.99 and they have a full range of brands from hard-to-find products to the full lines from popular green brands like Seventh Generation, Burt's Bees, Tom's of Maine and more.When it comes to healthcare and supplements...what do you recommend?Sara: Well New Chapter makes the most amazing all natural supplements. Each product they put out has to be an innovation in the world of supplements and nutrition. They have specific formulations like turmeric force and all are gluten-free. I take one of their women's multi's and their fish oil. I've tried and researched a lot of vitamins and absolutely love them.How can we be eco-friendly in our beauty routines as well?Sara: You can be eco-friendly in beauty too---- organic wear makeup is the first Ecocert Certified organic line of makeup in the U.S. The Ecocert standard was founded in france in '92. They are internationally renowned for meeting organic practices, the only organic certification for color cosmetics. Strictly against animal testing and made from natural materials. And all of their packaging is recyclable so it's high quality at an affordable price point. Most of their products retail between $7 and $14.What about items for baby and family?Sara: For baby and actually the whole family I love Weleda, they've been producing great products for 90 years. They are 100% certified natural, uses biodynamic farming which is a way of growing ingredients that bans all chemical pesticides and growth hormones. And they conform to the most stringent guidelines for natural products in the U.S. They make awesome baby cream, wash and even a face cream gentle enough for baby's faces. I use it on my daughter's cheeks in the winter. Their calendula products remind me of when I was a baby. I grew up in a natural house so I'm pretty sure my mom used these on us as kids. They also make great items for adults. They're known for skin food, their most popular moisturizer that's great for dry skin. Nothing works like it. For more information check out

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