How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin      

Consider these tips before heading to the pumpkin patch

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

October 10, 2021

The look is subjective. Perfectly round or imperfectly oblong, bumpy, smooth, or greenish orange? The choice is yours. But just like any other fruit, there are things to look for in a healthy pumpkin. Here are some tips.

First, mind the stem. It’s the gateway to the health of the pumpkin. Look for a firm and dark green stem. Avoid anything soft or flimsy.

Inspect the pumpkin itself for damage or bruises. Squeeze it gently to check that it’s firm.

Give it a little tap. The best pumpkins have a deep, hollow sound when you tap them. To test for a good one, place it next to your ear and give it a knock. If you hear an echoing, hollow sound, it's a good one. And the louder you hear the sound, the better the pumpkin.

When picking up a pumpkin, lift it from the bottom, not from the stem. Otherwise, the stem may break, causing the pumpkin to rot more quickly. 

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