Importance of Lithium Coin Battery Safety

Duracell and The American Academy of Pediatrics join forces to “Power Safely,” helping to further educate and drive awareness

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

March 26, 2021

With more people at-home due to the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep small lithium coin batteries away from children. On a mission to help keep families safe, battery brand Duracell and the American Academy of Pediatrics have joined forces to “power safely,” and educate parents and caregivers about the dangers of accidental lithium coin battery ingestion and how to help prevent it.

Even the most child-proofed homes can have hidden dangers. Small lithium coin batteries are housed in so many of today’s gadgets from remote controls to things such as calculators and thermometers.

Duracell has also come out with a bitter coating on their most popular lithium coin batteries to offer another line of defense. These batteries are designed to help discourage a child from swallowing them.

Duracell and the AAP urge all parents, caregivers and pediatricians to learn more about lithium coin battery safety at or

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