Innovative Ideas for Renovating Your Kitchen

The next level of kitchen design and technology from Signature Kitchen Suite’s New Home Appliance Experience and Design Center


From the LifeMinute.TV Team


January 25, 2019


If you’re one of the millions of American families planning a kitchen renovation this year, we have the scoop on the most innovative ideas to elevate your cooking game to the next level.


Signature Kitchen Suite’s New Home Appliance Experience and Design Center in Napa Valley, Ca, which also features the latest and greatest from LG is touted by designer experts and foodies alike as the holy grail of culinary delight, the industry insider’s place.


“My favorite cooking product for Signature Kitchen Suite is our 48-inch Pro Range. It’s the only pro range that not only has induction, not only high/low simmer available on the range but also has an in bay sous vide on the surface,” said Zach Elkin, General Manager, Signature Kitchen Suite/LG Electronics.


For those who aren’t familiar, sous vide is a cooking method that cooks food in airtight bags. It was once only available in professional kitchens but now consumers can take advantage of its many benefits.


Executive Chef Cuisine Solutions, A.J. Schaller said. “Specifically in the sous vide process, you have the quality of the ingredient really shining through because there’s literally no escape of flavor since everything is contained in the skin of the plastic pouch.”


Besides these culinary greats, what else did we see at this state of the art appliance design center?


Barry Bredvik, Signature Kitchen Suite/LG Electronics, gave us a look at the Artificial Intelligence Lifestyle Zone as he asked Google to turn on and preheat his LG Range to 350 Degrees. “What we try and do here is show people the possibilities of adding technology to their lives. Making it easier and  saving time,” he said.


And let’s not forget the refrigerator and freezers with the largest capacity in the industry including new wine columns that keep your white and reds at just the right temps and so much more.


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