Keep Your Pets and Household Healthy and Safe

Must-haves to keep our homes safe and our four-legged family members protected

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

August 11, 2020

Caring for our families has never been more important, including the four-legged members. With all the safety precautions we’ve adopted as part of our new daily routines --- wearing masks, sanitizing hands, wiping down groceries and deliveries, all to keep our homes clean and families safe --- you can’t forget about your pet. Here are two must-haves for all pet owners.

Absorbine Pet Care SaniPet Sanitizing Spray
Dogs can carry billions of germs on their coats and paws. This spray is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of those germs and bacteria in 60 seconds or less. Just spray, brush or wipe on your dog’s skin, coat and paws until they’re wet, let it stand for 60 seconds, then air dry or towel dry before your pet comes back inside. Apply it after outings or contact with anyone outside your household. It’s a great addition to your daily hygiene routine, keeping your pet and your home cleaner in any situation. Find SaniPet online at, and most pet stores nationwide for $14.99.

CareCredit Credit Card
Our pets need healthcare to stay happy and healthy just like we do, but the cost can be a big worry, that’s why every pet parent needs to know about the CareCredit credit card. It’s a health and pet care credit card accepted at veterinary practices enrolled in their network and can be used for all types of services and products– routine examinations, sick visits, medications, dental care, parasite control, and even special diets. With CareCredit, special financing options are available with convenient monthly payments that are really budget-friendly. The majority of U.S. veterinary practices accept it – more than 24,000. You can use CareCredit for your whole family too, even the non-four-legged type---for dental, eye, hearing and cosmetic procedures, you name it… at any of the 240,000 enrolled provider and retail locations. Go to to apply today.

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