LifeMinute Likes: Buys for Baby and a Better Night's Sleep for the Whole Family

A new kind of diaper and an app to make bedtime a snap 


From the LifeMinute.TV Team


March 26, 2019


Busy parents need all the help they can get. Here’s the scoop on two of the latest must-haves to make life a whole lot easier.


Must-Have Diaper 

Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit is a new kind of diaper with no tape and an all-around stretchy waistband that moves with baby’s every motion – think yoga pants for your baby but with up to 12 hours of protection. They come in sizes 3 to 6 and are super easy to put on, just simply lift them up like pants and tear sides to take off, roll up, secure with tape and toss away.


Must-Have for Bedtime

When children have a better night’s sleep, mornings are happier and less stressful for the whole family.  That’s why Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories app developed in partnership with leading meditation app Calm, is great for when it’s time to get kids to sleep. Use Moshi Twilight during your usual bedtime routine, once you have read a story, the lights are out and you’re ready to leave the room. The audio-only app uses the power of storytelling and calming music to help kids drift off at bedtime. The sleep stories, music, sounds and meditations sooth little minds, gently lulling listeners into a natural, restful sleep. The app is free to download on Apple, Google and Amazon app stores and subscription packages offer access to expanded content, which is added weekly.



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