A New Digital Platform for Pet Lovers

The scoop on BabelBark, the only digital platform that connects everyone who cares for your pet’s health and wellness


From the LifeMinute.TV Team


May 8, 2019


Attention pet lovers! There’s a new digital platform in town that you have to know about. It’s called BabelBark, and it’s a free app that you can download from the app store of Google Play and iTunes and it lets you truly take care of your pet, remotely, anytime, from anyplace.


It really helps pet parents and their pet care providers better understand their dog or cat to give them the happiest and healthiest life possible. It’s revolutionizing veterinary care and pet business models because it helps care for their clients in an easier and more thorough way.


How does it work? You just log the information in and then all of your providers can also view it and they can also input info too. For example, your vet automatically inputs all items from your office visit, including vaccination dates, medication notes and your groomer can add what he or she might have observed at their last appointment. Your pet sitters can also add key notes.


The company just launched Alpha Pack, which is a premium upgrade to the free BabelBark app. It gives you 24-hour access to a veterinary helpline, if your pet is sick or if you just have a concern or need a question answered. You will also have access to a lost and found emergency response team. So if your pet is lost, all local shelters, rescue groups and veterinarian offices are immediately informed, similar to an “Amber Alert.”  Your pet is also given a special collar tag and their microchip ID is automatically added to a permanent national pet registration database. The subscription is $34.95 a year.


Visit babelbark.com for more information.



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