New Survey: Lenovo Reports on ‘The State of Thinking’ and How to Engage in Better Thinking

Nearly 80% of people surveyed believe we need to develop a new approach to thinking

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

December 6, 2022

Driven by the tremendous societal challenges the world has faced over the past two years and as a result of being overworked and stressed, people globally are experiencing mental and physical burnout. In honor of ThinkPad's 30th anniversary, Lenovo conducted an in-depth research study to examine: The State of Thinking Today – the tech company’s first annual Think Report, surveying people across the US, UK, Germany, and Japan. Lenovo’s Executive Director of Commercial Marketing, Intelligent Devices Group, Carter Kersh joined us to share some of the findings.

Lenovo wants to catalyze real thinking again and the report showcases the challenges of 'Real Thinking' and validates its challenges in society today to inspire and empower people to engage in authentic thinking again. The findings and insights from this research can educate people on the importance of Real Thinking and enable people to use technology more intelligently, strategically, ‘humanly,’ holistically, collaboratively -- and less intrusively, in a way that is less distracting to living life and thriving.

It’s not that we aren’t thinking; it’s that there’s a shortage of deep critical thinking. 64% of those surveyed feel that they are reliant on practical or “survival” thinking and the ability to think quickly and multitask is “extremely” or “very important” – thus, resulting in a lack of innovative and actionable thinking that can impact advancement. Additionally, global respondents believe they are losing roughly 2 hours per day in productivity due to their inability to think purposefully.

People agree thinking has transformational benefits and 66% of Business End Users (Millennials and Gen Z) surveyed are looking for information on how technology can help with clear, deep and productive thinking. Real thinking has the power to improve our individual lives and the world around us.

Lenovo’s first annual Think Report tells us all about this fascinating approach. To learn more, check out

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