New Survey Reveals Misunderstandings About Veterans and Offers Opportunity to Bridge Civilian-Military Divide

As our nation celebrates veterans this month, a new survey reveals we don’t know as much as we should when it comes to the military

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

November 11, 2022

From parades to ceremonies, November is filled with events to honor those who have served. But the new “CVN Military 101 Survey” reveals that Americans’ overall knowledge of the military and veterans is low. When asked what percentage of the population has ever served in the U.S. military, nearly half of Americans answered - “not sure.”

“There are approximately 19-million U.S. veterans, which is about 7% of the population,” said Cohen Veterans Network President and CEO, Dr. Anthony Hassan, “They have made tremendous sacrifices in service to our country, it’s so important that we find meaningful ways to show our support beyond Veterans Day.”

To help bridge the civilian-military divide, Cohen Veterans Network (CVN), a national network of mental health clinics providing accessible, high-quality care to post-9/11 veterans, service members and their families, is encouraging Americans to gain a better understanding about the military community with a Veterans Day pop quiz.

“It is a critical time for us as a nation to do all that we can in support of veterans’ mental health,” said Dr. Hassan, “Sincerely connecting with those who have worn the uniform is a part of that.  Our pop quiz provides an opportunity for Americans to learn something new and interesting about the military community to then engage with veterans more thoughtfully throughout the year.”

CVN suggests going beyond saying “thank you for your service,” instead - asking questions. Start a conversation with a veteran to create a dialogue. Ask specific questions about their service, such as, “what was your job while serving?” Or “what branch did you serve in?”

The network also suggests taking action. “Consider flying an American flag, donating to a veteran service organization, or buying a veteran a meal. While veterans did not serve for the recognition, honoring them in considerate ways can have a meaningful impact,” said Dr. Hassan.

Take the pop quiz and explore ways to connect with veterans at

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