Perfecting Your Selfie

Pointers to make you look most photogenic  

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 21, 2021

Anyone can take a selfie but achieving the picture-perfect portrait is harder than it looks. Just in time for National Selfie Day (June 21) here are our dos and don’ts for snapping your most photogenic shot.

Don’t forget about lighting
Facing natural light is your best shot at a stellar selfie. However, the sun can be too harsh at times so the best time of day is sunrise and sunset when the light is softer. You can also bounce light using a mirror by angling it opposite to the source of the natural light. If you don’t have natural lighting, you can use an artificial light source such as a lamp or you can invest in a selfie light. Just remember to always face towards the source of light and keep it at eye level.

Avoid shadows
Unsightly dark spots caused by shadows can obscure your face and make it appear dirty or distorted. As previously recommended, if you are using a light source keep it at eye level to eliminate shadows from forming and always face the light source. Also, be aware of your hand taking the picture to make sure it’s not casting down a shadow.

Don’t always use the flash
When it is light out you don’t need to use a flash, but if it is the evening or you are in a dark space you will have to turn it on. There are flash apps you can download that offer a less harsh burst of light than your phone camera’s own flash.

Do work your angles
Positioning yourself and the camera is crucial before snapping. To avoid the appearance of a double chin never take a selfie from below. For the best shot, extend your arms out all the way holding the camera at eye level or even a little above. Elongate your neck and tilt your head to the right or left for the most flattering angle. Lastly, keep in mind the composition technique known as the rule of thirds. To follow this guideline, the subject of a selfie should appear in the top-right or top-left corner of the frame.

Don’t Fake it
We are tempted to force a grin when taking a picture but no one looks good fake smiling. To avoid that, think of something funny or entertaining and then smile normally. This will help you have a more natural and relaxed look when you go to "say cheese" for the camera. 

Do Smize
Now that we have nailed the smile, we can’t forget the eyes. "Smizing" is smiling from your eyes in order to appear vibrant and to allow your inner self to come through in the picture.  

Don’t take just one
Practice makes perfect. The more selfies you take the better you will get and the greater your selection to choose from will be.

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