Pet Parenting 101: Preparing for Unexpected Costs of Care

More than 50% of new pet parents underestimate the cost of care for a pet over their lifetime

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

November 18, 2022

The start of the new year is a popular time for families to welcome new pets into their homes – and with an increase in pet-related incidents and illnesses around the holiday season, pet parents should keep an extra close eye on the health and safety of their new pet. "We see, between December and January, a massive increase in Google searches for veterinary emergency care,” said Dr. Katy Nelson, Senior Veterinarian at Chewy. “Familiarize yourself with animal hospitals nearby that provide after-hours care. It can be lifesaving for your pet.”

Other things you can do this time of year to ensure your pets are safe and healthy are getting up to date on vaccinations in case you need to board them over the holidays. And be sure to fill their prescriptions ahead of time, before hospitals have limited hours.

More than 50% of new pet parents underestimate the cost of care for a pet over their lifetime. Dr. Nelson recommends looking into pet insurance the minute you bring your new furry family member home before there's an incident. “Only 3% of U.S. pets are covered by pet insurance, yet one out of three U.S. pets requires emergency care every single year,” she explained.

Chewy’s exclusive CarePlus, a comprehensive suite of preventative wellness and insurance plans for accidents, illnesses, and chronic conditions, can help cover some of those costs. Pet insurance helps pet parents take a proactive approach to their pet’s health, giving them the peace of mind to always say yes to the best healthcare treatments. Pet prescriptions and veterinary diets are 100% covered when you order through Chewy Pharmacy.

Combined with the Autoship program, Chewy makes it incredibly simple to care for your pets while receiving the same level of personalized, high-touch customer service our pet parents know and love.

Pet telehealth, offering Connect with a Vet, makes it possible for pet parents to connect directly with a licensed veterinarian 24/7 to receive advice, discuss the health and wellness concerns of their pet, and receive referrals to their local vets or emergency clinic wherever they are and whenever they need help.

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